Energy Healing & Psychology

Energy Healing

An energy healing session may include one or a combination of Reiki, Karuna Ki, Crystal Light Healing, Access Bars, Akashic and 5D healing. A 90 minute session will also include energy practices and supports to assist continued healing beyond the session.

Benefits may include:

  • Helps in stress reduction and promotes relaxation
  • Reduces depression and anxiety by changing your mood
  • Relieves pain and discomfort
  • Improves sleep
  • Balances the energy in the body
  • Enables emotional clarity and spiritual growth

Energy Psychology 

An energy psychology session involves support and teaching to support the important mind-body connection to help deal with stress, trauma, and more and combines science and spirituality in a beautiful integration for healing all levels of your being. Sessions may include combinations of Western practices such as bioenergetics, Energy Codes, Jungian approaches and transpersonal psychology with Eastern practices such as Daoist energy practices, mindful movement practices, breathwork, meditation etc.

Price per session:

90 minute initial consultation $115

60 minute session $80

90 minute session $115

5% GST is applicable

* 13 years and under is $60 and $100