Yoga Therapy & Ayurvedic Medicine

Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

This is a safe, supportive and non judgmental space for you to experience deep levels of healing.

Yoga Therapy focuses on an individual as a whole and looks at health and wellness at all levels of the person: physical, psychological, and spiritual.

Yoga therapy can help reshape our response to triggers on all levels of our being and working with all aspects of oneself is essential to healing. As yoga therapists, we often use meditation practices that allow one to move deeply into meditation without focusing on conscious thoughts or storylines. Pranayama(breathing practices) are also important to help stabilize and tone the parasympathetic system. Through mindful movement students begin to feel reacquainted and safe in their bodies again. These carefully designed sessions provide a safe space for individuals to explore their own personal traumas through gentle exploratory movement, guided meditation and focused breathing techniques.

This trauma-informed space is your opportunity to practice self care and recognize the importance of patience along ones healing journey, honour where you are in every moment and become reacquainted with your body. Working with a Yoga Therapist is helpful as they understand how to create safe space which allows clients to work with the practices of yoga with the knowledge that they are not alone when difficult emotions or states arise. It also provides them with the ability to build experience working with difficult states and continue to work to lessen their effect on the system. Over time as with all practices, the individual shifts and becomes empowered to change themselves.

These sessions are for anyone whether you are dealing with chronic pain or injury, physical/emotional trauma, PTSD, mental health disorders and so much more. These sessions will provide you with insight and tool to take home and continue incorporating into your daily life. You will leave your initial consultation with a program designed specifically for you using different healing modalities from the yogic traditional to help support you on your path. Each follow up session will include some time to check in and discuss your specific needs followed by a guided practice.


Price per session:

Initial Consultation and Individual Program:

90 minutes

Follow up sessions:

60 minutes