Aline Wilkie PhD


Aline's Bio

​Doctorate of Philosophy in Education, Masters Degree Educational Psychology-Counselling, Reiki Master and Teacher, Karuna Ki Master and Teacher

The world of energy healing is a fascinating one. Beneath the surface of our awareness lies a vast world of vibration in which our psyche, spirit and body flow in a never-ending dance of change and transformation. For the last ten years I have had the amazing opportunity to explore the world of quantum healing with many amazing teachers and guides and have had the chance to integrate teachings and trainings from western perspectives such as bioenergetics, transpersonal and depth psychology, consciousness studies and mindfulness with ancient Eastern traditions such as Reiki, Daoist energy practices, Vipassana Buddhist meditation, and Yoga. My love of teaching and counselling, which flows from my career in education, continues in my integrated practice of energy healing and energy psychology as well as in my offerings of certifications in Reiki and Karuna Ki, meditation and yoga classes and workshop offerings of all things metaphysical and energy related.

I have spent several years researching and studying trauma and have come to believe the healing of trauma requires an integrated vision that includes not only the psyche, body and spirit but also must include the dimension of energy. Traumatic events, adverse early childhood experiences, oppressive environments and larger cultural conditioning all affect the flow of energy within our beings, and for healing to be truly transformative we must include the subtle bodies and electromagnetic field.

In my integrative practice I am continuously amazed at the strength and resilience of human beings as they approach challenging healing work and it is a true honour to hold space and provide support for such deep processes of inner alchemy. We are truly in a time of deep healing and awakening as a human collective and it is my deepest wish at this time to provide healing tools and support for physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and energetic well-being.  I would be deeply honoured to work with you and your loved ones.

Love and Light,