Jayleen Fitzsimmons


Jayleen's Bio

CanFitPro Trainer

Jayleen is a CanFitPro trainer with a passion for guiding and encouraging others to live their best life through fitness.

When Jayleen started her own fitness journey she was instantly hooked. The more she progressed, the more she wanted to learn. Jayleen loves seeing how our bodies evolve and strengthen through dedication and training. The human body is an amazing thing!

Jayleen is always challenging her own fitness levels. Wanting a new goal for herself, She began competing in fitness and is loving the road that has taken her on.

Jayleen has a contagious passion for all aspects of fitness and loves to see her personal training clients – as well as class participants – achieving success and growing stronger.

Jayleen offers fitness classes, one on one personal training, group training and sport specific training.