Taylor Knaus


Taylor's Bio

Certified 200hr Yoga Teacher, Certified in hatha, pre-natal, yin, restorative & power yoga

Taylor is a teacher, with a diploma in Veterinary Assisting, currently working on degree in Microbiology.

​As a student of the yoga for 13 years, the practice has become part of who I am, and sets the foundations of how I choose to live. Yoga has allowed me to understand and fully experience what it is like to be present. This excitement and knowledge ultimately led me to, “The Sattva School of Yoga”

I found a love of yoga early in my teenage years. It helped guide my thought processes and the gentle way I chose to move through life. I have a love for traveling and exploring new places and always believe I am happiest when my yoga mat has found its way to a beach.

Along with a love of yoga and finding mindfulness comes my love of animals. I work in a naturopathic veterinary hospital and find each animal’s honest and joyful reaction to life inspiring.

I feel that yoga is a journey and we are all students. Creating a space that is accepting, safe and mindful are the main goals of each class I teach.